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  • RIP Bil, we miss you :'(

    Noooo, I can't believe this is happening, I refuse to let you go! I'm gonna fry that Metagross with a Fire Blast Bil, I shall avenge you! I have always loved you (no homo). Bil, come back to me! :'( I don't care how you come back, zombie or vampire (I'd prefer the latter), but pleaseee, come back! Waaaaaaah
    To whom this may concern.
    User: Bilaterus, on the 19th of July 2011 unfortunately was killed by an exploding metagross, and in hospital didn't make it. I witnessed it.
    Please Leave your condolences to our friend / or enemy (probably the the latter)
    RIP Bill may your memory be rememberd
    I'm afraid I've naturally moved onto different games... what games I play is sorta cyclical for me. So, I'll probably be back on PO eventually, but for now, this is probably goodbye :'(
    Ah, I see, Digimon World 3. I loved the Digimon world games as well, as I used to play Digimon world Dawn and it was a lot of fun, but it was annoying how the aptitude thing ruined the fusion Digivolutions. Well, yeah, lots of nostalgia there, lol, but I'm looking forward to seeing ya on PO. BTW, I have 1428 points on there :D Shandy kills on TR, trust me
    tril, where've you been? missing ya pal (no homo) looking forward to theorymoning with you. Whenever you get the chance just holler :D :D
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